About me & Wine Heritage Lab

Wine Heritage is the result of a series of wine instincts, cultural thoughts, leisure tales. Wine Heritage is born from the glamorous obsession of holding a glass with elegance while posing unnaturally for the next Instagram post. To all this wandering, I add my technical training, still in progress, in the wine sector, from tasting to communication. Wine Heritage is inseparable from LaB: it signifies thinking Laboratory, a space built by Laura Bertoni, inspired owner.

Drinking wine is eco-chic worldwide, in all the senses in which the expression eco-chic can be interpreted. It is eco because we like nature and it echoes because we are talking about a phenomenon with international resonance.

Wine is also, and above all, Cultural Heritage, and Culture makes news with generalizations of all kinds, (with exaggerated descriptive rigor): art is fashionable, art makes fashion.

Most likely it could be a consequence due to my background as a humanist, but what I see in wine are culture and aesthetics, history, people, people’s work culture, effort, technique, knowledge, territory, identity. Questions and answers for sociology.

Wine Heritage may appear the latest blog talking about wine, art and the much defined, indeterminate concept of lifestyle. These passions are difficult to keep at bay and certain topics are complementary to each other. The “fuoriluogo/wandering” section is dedicated to divergent and atypical emotions, as not to focus the attention too much on wine, and not to rise to experts at all costs. Who knows everything about a topic, knows nothing about that topic. Versatility must be trained with care.

I don’t come from a family of expert drinkers, but even before wine became a cult object every Italian family put a bottle on the dinner table. When I was only 8, my parents allowed me to extend wine with water. It seemed to me that such strange pink liquid improved the taste of food, while waiting for going out and play was not so tedious.

For certain cultures, passion for wine is innate because man has always produced vines with spontaneity. Wine is the expression of a cultural identity, wine is culture, therefore heritage, lifestyle. It is produced in countless and innovative ways every day, in every part of the world.

Wine is the result of mysterious and scientific processes, an alchemical procedure summarized and exposed in a glass. Each bottle might tell us something different every time: if you open a wine today it will reveals certain secrets to you, if you drink the same bottle tomorrow it will tell you new stories, if you let it rest it develops innovative nuances. Drinking wine: with what purpose? To make people happy through unveiling the knowledge of wine and of the inexorable process of nature; to understand the value belonging to those vine-growers and winemakers who work hard and continuously throughout the year, treating the vines as daughters to educate to give their best.

Wine is a product that has been existing ever since, it is a product made with love and for love. In wine there is the beauty of the highest expectations.

Wine heritage uses wine as the pivot, the reason, the premise to debate the infinite connections among style, people, nature, culture, places.

This is a blog about people and their stories, about atypical and accurate tastings, about impressions poured out of me, about inland nectars, but also about sea winds in a glass, about wine-markers who open the cellar door and who tap the wine from the barrel. You will read about temples of vinification and wines resounding from the glass of the less expert drinker, who poses with a wow effect label, of the visionary taster, who fancies polyphenols, to the glass of the sommelier who finds unimaginable hints of tropical fruit in northern wines.

We are all a bit skilled and we love it. And…guess what?? We are about to do what we do well, as we embody that sincere happiness that only the inebriated man can transmit, because we like wine as a bearer of truth, as a psychologist in sadness, as a nectar that gives the perfect taste to our days. If you feel like smelling eucalyptus trees, Kadupul, carnivorous plants in love, Amalfi lemons at sunset, Sakura of Nagoya, feel free and proud to do that. We are the echo that echoes. And all this is also very, undeniably chic.

Happy reading!

Yours Laura

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